Friday, 19 December 2008


So, still on that Asian theme... We luuuurve Sushi! Sometimes I think we're addicted to Sushi!

YG is very good at preparing and making tons of Sushi at the drop of a hat, after he's sent me all over the countryside to collect the best fish available.

And his sushi rice recipe is fantastic - my part in it is to "paddle" the rice to cool it down. Of course there is some tasting here - but not enough so you'd notice :)

Here's YG in Sushi Chef mode

And here's the finished product...

This platter has:
Prawn & Spring Onion rolls;, Spicy Tuna rolls; Buttefish & Celery rolls; Cream Cheese & Biltong rolls; Salmon & Avo rolls; Fried Salmon Skin & Avo rolls (idea from Saul's Sushi; Sashimi is Salmon, Tuna, Butterfish and lightly seared Tuna.

Sheesh, my mouth is watering!

When YG gets rolling he does it with a lot of stamina and determination, so that we end up having Sushi for at least a day or two after he's prepared it.

Enjoy the visual feast!

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