Monday, 27 April 2009

Fun at the SA Scrapbook Convention!

The 2009 SA Scrapbook Convention started in Cape Town this year, a nice change for us Capetonians, who usually get to enjoy these conventions as the poor cousin to be visited last...

WOW - what a FUN and FANTASTIC day it was! Well done to the SA Scrapbook Convention team and all their helpers - I can't imagine at what ungodly hour their day must have started.

This is how (early) my day started...

The I was off to meet Michelle at 06h45 and drive through to Spier in Stellenbosch, where the convention was being held.

On arrival we found a mad flurry of delegates already registered and shopping up a storm. Not bad going for 07h35 on a cold and wintery Saturday morning...

Some tea/coffee to help us open our eyes and then the doors opened and in we trouped. In inimitable Amanda HRH style, she purloined a "front-row-table" for all of us and we set ourselves up with our cutting mats and tote's with tape/scissors/stuff...

L-R - Michelle, me, Amanda HRH, Lanie, Ronita - all ready to cut and stick and play and be entertained.

Our first workshop was with JAYME SHEPHARD of Making Memories - the cutest bundle of fun to start the day.

For this project we re-used packaging - helping us to eliminate un-necessary wastage. And what a great idea - I'll be looking at packaging in a whole new light!

Okay now you're wondering about the funky project aren't you? ...LOL...

I'm trying to keep the projects a surprise for my gal-pals who will be attending the conventions in Johannesburg and Durban. But, if you're desperate to see what we did then just email me directly and I'll send you some pics.

We had a moment of confusion when Jayme called out our first measurements IN INCHES... I piped up - "ummm, we use Metric..." and then the challenge of getting inches/cm converted began. Some of our cutting and trimming was a bit off - but we learnt the premise of the project and now we can perfect it!

Off to tea after some hair-raising moments - yes it can happen while scrapping - and then back to start our Journey... with TIM HOLTZ

Here he is presenting his workshop - and you'll notice that I've blurred the image here as well, again to keep the surprise happening for my gal-pals.

And now it's bedtime - after the witching hour and there's work to be done tomorrow - no more lollylagging about - well, till the next public holiday...

Cu on the next post where I'll have more on the TIM HOLTZ workshop.


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