Thursday, 3 September 2009

Encaustic Wax Artworks

A few years ago I had the time of my life doing a workshop with JANN VISSER at a Keen on Crafts expo here in Cape Town.  Who knew I could have so much fun playing with an IRON!! Okay, it was a "mini"- iron, but an iron none-the-less!

This is the "tutored" image - with Jann showing us how to create a landscape using wax and an encaustic iron - incredible isn't it?

Then we were free to play around and create any scene we chose, and being very partial to blue, this is what my imagination designed...

Jann is being featured this evening on SA Television, on TOP BILLING on TV3, at 19h30, so if you're around then sit down and watch. She's a scream to be around so I imagine it'll be fun fun fun!  For those of you not within range of SA TV, I'm sure it'll find it's way to YouTube in the not so distant future.


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NIfty said...

I have seen this done somewhere ,on the internet. It looks like so much fun .Where can I find the wax ?