Sunday, 4 October 2009

A handy swap list...

While browsing this morning, enjoying all the wonderful and inventive creations everyone made on World Card Making Day, I came across this incredibly handy list on Kim's blog - THINK FAST.
  • Start by making all your card bases (I also try to include envelopes)
  • Make your cards a standard size
  • Use a card kit if you have one sitting around
  • Use a variety of coordinating patterned paper (they don't HAVE to match, and it's less boring)
  • Use rubber stamps for title and/or embellishments (very economical)
  • Use punches
  • Use die cuts (again, good economy + uses paper scraps)
  • Repeat your design, but don't be afraid to shake it up a bit
  • Paper flowers are inexpensive and I KNOW you have a ton sitting around
  • Brads, eyelets and staples are great fasteners
  • Buttons are a nice touch for a homemade look and feel
  • Sign your cards (I love when people do this)
  • USE the cards you swap (why have them sitting around?)
I love doing swaps, but I tend to go "Big" and then run out of time which makes my swap late, which hasn't made me many friends. I think this list can change all of that!

Another handy swap tip came from a Yahoo! group - one of the members said that she would make at least half of the required number of cards to be swapped BEFORE signing up for the proposed swap itself. That way she was halfway done and even if she ended up not joining the swap she would still have a supply of cards to use for friends/sale/etc. Really great idea!


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