Thursday, 26 November 2009

An exciting day ends with an Award!

My goodness, what a red letter day it was on the 24th! I reached my 100th post, my blog counter went over 10 000, and I was given an Honest Scrap Award by Amanda of Harrods Creations

Thank you so much Amanda, for the wonderful award. Now I need to list 10 Honest things about myself and share the award with other bloggers.

Here goes:
1. My dearest one, YG, comes before anything else - but only by a hair's breadth where creating or updating my blog are concerned.
2. I have little boxes in my printers tray with the discarded crown feathers and coloured cheek feathers of all of our cockatiels - past and present.
3. I have great difficulty hiding my emotions.
4. I am a DISCO DIVA! I would happily jump out of bed every morning to the likes of Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer and boogie my way through the day, but YG - not so much... Music is part of my soul - it will evoke emotions in me when other things or people cannot.
5. I enjoy washing dishes - yes I know that's the scariest thing you've ever heard, but it's true!
6. I love winter but enjoy swimming in the summer (see the tie in to water?)
7. I am beyond bad at keeping paperwork up-to-date.
8. I studied acting and wanted to be a tap dancer like Ginger Rodgers and Eleanor Powell, and of course love old musical movies of the 1940s and 1950s.
9. I have been known to render people speechless when I sing, but sadly that is because I am tone deaf...
10. Words are very important to me. If you say it, you must mean it - and spell it correctly!

I am passing this award onto these ladies who inspire me with each post:
1. Cherry Pie Crafts
2. Julie's Inkspot
3. Lil Sweetpea's Place
4. Little Bay Studio
5. Cards & Things
6. Collection Papiers

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Sharo Caillier said...

Helen, thank you so much for being one of the recipients your "Honest Scrap Award". It has been a long day for me. My daughter and family got in at 2:30 AM today and I have been up ever since. I can't wait to share 10 honest things about me. Thank you so much. I will post soon.