Sunday, 29 November 2009

VersaColor Inks

Firstly an apology - I've been a bad stamper - calling my inks by the WRONG name!

I've been saying Versamark when they are VERSACOLOR. They're really small squares so they are so easy to use, but tiring if you're inking up a big stamp. I store these inks together in a lovely little box.

I use them quite a lot on my embossing folders and I've been asked how I clean the folder. With most inks it's really easy to just run water over the embossing folder and the ink comes off. With the reds and magentas the colour tends to hang around so I take my kitchen sponge with a dash of dishwashing liquid and it comes off very easily. A couple of folk just have baby-wipes close by and they clean the ink off very quickly too.

I've used my Brilliance and VersaColor inkpads, as well as my Big'n Juicy and Kaleidacolour pads on my embossing folders, with great results. Brayering colours onto the embossing folders is wonderful - I love the hues and even-ness of the inking. (I think I see my first video tutorial coming up soon!)

I purchased these from one of our local importers, GREAT IMPRESSIONS, and from Simply Creative, and I know I'm going to have to get a whole bunch more colours the next time I visit the shop!

TFL and asking!

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Cherry47 said...

Hi Helen,
I'm in love with the little Color Box Chalk and Pigment Ink pads. I have a bunch of colors. Thanks for the idea of storing them in a cute box. I might have the exact same one you are show casing. I cleaned my scrap room for my daughter's visit but now I guess it will get torn up again because my car is going into the shop tomorrow, I will be stuck at home for a couple of days and I'm ready to play.