Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The hidden meanings of cards...

Do you make cards and have a stash on hand? YG often asks me why I'm making a card for a person/occasion at the last moment and I always explain that I am hard pressed to churn out "faceless" cards.

When I create a card it is with a person in mind, and so my feelings for, and knowledge of that person goes into my creation. So, I am usually a one-card-at-a-time girl...

I made this "simple" card to wish friends well in their new home.

After I finished the card I became aware of subtle "subliminal" messages that the card was sending out. Or, it could just be me having a wacky head-moment! When I looked it the completed object it was interesting that I had chosen green for the base colour, I used flowers and have both a sun and a moon. Then there are also the pearls. Green is for fertility - in land, person, life. Flowers are a regeneration of the land. Sun and moon - both needed to keep our world revolving, and the pearls - for tears which are carthartic and cleansing.

It reminded me of my English Literature classes, where a book or a passage was never just the words, but the sum of the words and emotions expressed and impressed into the passage by the author.

A close up of the Sizzix flowers die cuts. CS Curious Metals White, matted with Bazzil lime green, textured with the ProvoCraft Divine Swirls. CS is edged with VersaColor Ash Rose ink and I used my Creative Memories corner rounder punch to soften the bottom of the "garden".

The ribbons are two overlaid on each other, one chocolate brown and the other the lovely broderie anglaise styled pearlescent beige from Scrapaway.

Here endeth the philosophy lesson.


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