Monday, 28 December 2009


We don't really do the prezzie thing this time of year - I see no reason to wait to give anyone a prezzie that I think they will like. However, lovely friends feel differently and have given me some wonderful gifts to enjoy. I also like to think that the "Christmas Spirit" is not something that should only be enjoyed at this time of year. I really like to think that I carry it with me throughout the year - after all, there are a lot of Green traffic lights and Red taillights to keep the festivities going in my head!

This book is a prezzie to myself - via the wonderfulness that is my friend (and cousin) Rev. She is currently residing in the UK and is the conduit for all things fun and good and crafty from abroad - Thanks Rev!

I love mini books and mini albums and thought this book looked fantastic when I saw it on the internet. I tend to learn best by seeing things so hopefully this book is the start of another crafting direction to add to my collection (GROAN - that was YG...).

This next item is a gift from a great carding buddy, Lynne, who recently started doing decoupage, and she tells me she is LOVING it! (Something new to try too YG?) She made this wonderful Caddy to hold goodies on my craft table. As my craft table is in one place and most of my supplies are in another, I tend to have to gather, pack, use, pack and return things to their right and proper places. A bit of a schlepp but do-able.

So I have gone from this temporary container (so things don't lie flat on the table and get lost under paper/guillotine/etc...) this gorgeous Caddy!

Here is a close-up of the Caddy - it's so wonderfully done - even the inside has been prettied!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it was filled with lovely sweet and savoury treats too! Thanks Lynne!


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Jessica said...

Beautiful caddy Helen. And filled with goodies too. Good job Lynne!
Happy New year to all.