Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Answering a few Cuttlebug Colour Embossing questions...

Firstly, thank you to all of you who commented and emailed me - gosh - such lovely comments too!

Next, the questions...

SHANNON asked:
"...Did you stamp the swirl background on the card or is that DP?"
MUGGY2 asked:
"...if paper - what brand?"

It is DP - from a lovely Mat Pad by K&Company - you can see it in one of my previous posts about Prezzies

SANDYH asked:
"...how did you apply the ink to the embossing folder"

I lightly dragged the ink pad across the folder - using a light touch. If it didn't look like there was enough ink then I added more. But start with less and build up.

DUENNA asked:
"...what do you clean the embossing folder with after you are done, and does it stain the embossing folder?"

As I was doing the same colour for the embossing I just had a damp sponge close by, to wipe off the excess ink.

However, when I was finished for the day, I used some Tsukineko Stamp Cleaner to wipe the remainder of the ink off the inside of the folder. I'm sure you can use your regular stamp cleaner if you don't have Tsukineko at hand.

There is a hint of colour staining the folder, but I've found that the next time I use it for something else it's pretty much gone. And as I was once told when I got worried about ink staining the wood of my wood-mounted stamps "well you could be anal about it...". If there is some colour then I know it's been well used and loved!

Here it is, cleaned (and a fuzzy pic - sorry!)

I hope that answered all that needed to be answered - I'll be here all week if there are any more questions! Don't mind me - delirious with hunger from great smells emanating from the kitchen!


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