Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spotlight on Cherry Pie Crafts...

One of my wonderful Blogland finds was Sharon's blog called Cherry Pie
. We have become great Blogland friends, and I recently received this Christmas card from her (it takes a while for mail to reach us here in South Africa...).

Isn't it just lovely? The clear, crisp white and the wonderfully contrasting reds - the card positively glows. Thank you Sharon for the lovely card!

Now for to think of something unique in return!



Anonymous said...

I thought that was a really nice and simple card, but beautiful! I am trying to stick to more of those for myself. Is she related to the Cherry Pie stamps person? I don't have any of those stamps - yet!!


Kimmay said...

Hello! Just stopping by to say Thanks for following Hurray Kimmay! Your cards and stamps are so cute, too.

Hope you are enjoying your day!



Cherry47 said...

Helen, It is so strange that you posted this. I was just about to send you an email asking whether you had received my card yet. Thanks for posting this. And a note to anonymous above (Hewitt) No, I am not the Cherry Pie Stamps person. I'm just plain old me trying to learn as much as I can. Have a nice day.

Ree Donnelly said...

such a pretty card... Sharon did a beautiful job!!!