Friday, 5 March 2010

Another overnight guest...

We had another overnight guest inhabit the bath this week - the cutest little baby seagull you can imagine! We heard a "parent" calling all morning and then finally YG managed to see where the parent and baby were, but before he could get downstairs the baby had run into underground drain. Probably to keep cool, and to keep away from the predatory neighbourhood cats.

Finally the little head popped out, so with me watching carefully with binoculars from our 2nd floor kitchen window, YG ran downstairs and finally managed to rescue the baby gull. The mother, in the meantime, had retired to the coolness of a neighbouring roof (under shade) as she was panting horribly in the intense 37C (98F) heat. As there is no way we can find the nest, we always make sure they're healthy, with nothing broken, and then feed and water them, and then get them to the seabird sanctuary and rehabilitation centre SANCCOB. Once there they are kept until they are able to fly.

Here I am getting "closer" to the baby gull - and the expression seems to say "I'm not touching that!" Of course that's probably just me thinking that ;b

And the next morning, before heading out to SANCCOB, our birds had their regular morning treat of OUMA Muesli Rusks (dunked in coffee). This is a morning ritual which gets the "perils" up and happy. This is Robyn enjoying her rusk...

And a bit more... After it's been re-dunked and softened a bit more in that coffee!



cgl1539 said...

That baby seagull is so so sweet. Thats so cool that you rescue them and take them to a sanctuary. Whats not cool is you have 98 degree weather and I am freezing, its in the 30's here lol.

Jessica said...

What a cute little guy... or gal.
It's nice to know there are folks who belteve in taking care of little critters. TFS