Sunday, 7 March 2010

Blog Etiquette...

I have a question(s) about Blog etiquette and the comments people leave regarding posts on my blog.

I love that other bloggers and browsers have taken time to stop at my blog and have a look at my creative moments, and then take some extra time to actually leave a comment regarding the post. I think that needs to be admired and appreciated.

I try and respond to every single person that has left a comment, although if they have signed in as "anonymous" that's a bit difficult.

What do you do? Do you leave a comment on your own blog below the other comments? Do you not respond at all? Do you reply to each comment individually?



cgl1539 said...

Sometimes I leave a message under someones comment, but not if its a comment for them personally but if it relates to everyone else who comes after. Because I know they wont be back to read what I wrote so it wouldnt do any good to comment to someone who has already left a comment. If I like someones comment and feel it needs follow up I go and comment on something of theirs cause I know they will read it.

Cheryl said...

When some one comments on my blog, I try to visit their blog and also return the favor. I love getting comments and I hope that it gives some one else a little smile when they get a comment on their work. Plus, I have found some of my favorite blogs that I now follow this way.

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

I do the same like Cheryl. I leave a post on their blog. I used to comment on mine and address them directly, but, I found it easier to respond on their blog.
I've also received emails from people's blogs too.

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I think you should leave a message under the comment,keep it going:)