Monday, 19 April 2010

A brag book for my mom...

On Saturday morning two girlfriends and I went to a mini-album workshop, which was great fun. It's always interesting to go to different workshops and classes, meet new people and teachers, and create out of one's own comfort zone/box.

The task of covering, decorating and layouts was for us attendees, and I got part of the way before needing to play with more of my Cuttlebug and Big Shot toys for decorative purposes. So, I brought my album home mostly covered, to continue with all the fun trappings I have on hand.

Here's a pic of the current status of the mini album:

I'm making it as a brag book for my mom, with pics of her grandchildren and great grandchildren, so I chose colours that I know she will enjoy. One of the pages is covered and ready for use (but not the reverse side), with pieces of off-cuts from my album covering. I'll post more pics as it comes to life.

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Diana said...

Looks great - am anxious to see the rest of it.

scotlacey said...

GREAT. . and I really like the freshness of those colours. I hope you show us the finished pages as you go.

Lindsay Weirich said...

Oh, your mom will love it!

Trish said...

hi - will you share how to make this with us?

Trish said...

please share the workings of this with us.