Sunday, 11 April 2010

My own "design" book...

Now that I am starting to get more orders, and teach my own classes, I felt I needed to keep something around that I can jot down ideas and sketches when they hit me. Up till now I've used my computer or bits of paper in my handbag, but you know how those bits of paper get lost, and those notes on my pc are stored in arbitrary places, making them just as difficult to find!

A few years ago I did a workshop on bookbinding/making and made a book with YG in mind. We have so much scrap paper around here that he has never used it so I commandeered it last week for my own use.

So, Welcome Helen's Design Book...

This is the current cover, and where it worked in the past, the binding glue is showing through and it has the whole masculine/Leonardo feel, I'll definitely be updating the look to be more in line with, well, Me!

YG's comment, when looking at my first "sketch", was along the lines of "if you practice enough those lines might actually look like what you're trying to draw...". Please don't take offence on my behalf - he's completely right - even when it comes to drawing straight lines I have a hard time. I recall a teacher saying of my "what we did on holiday" sketch that I was obviously a cardboard cut out type of girl - ie. use them and don't draw!

I'll definitely practice and do what I can, but happily there are wonderful stamp companies out there that make drawing a moot point for me!


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grandmalee said...

Awesome book! They can't all stay pretty or in sync with out current tastes or fads. The big trick is to use them! Many of mine still don't have finished covers...thanks for reminding me to do something with them!