Thursday, 27 May 2010

I've been featured at Paper Craftorium!

The lovely ladies at Paper Craftorium have featured my blog!

I was on the Paper Craftorium

I came across their great blog recently, when I was chasing down a canvas I'd spotted - you know my new love affair is with canvases (which is not to say I'm not still absolutely in love with my Big Shot and Cuttlebug accoutrement...).

The canvas in question was on a blog called Handmade by Dorothy, and featured on Paper Craftorium too.

Thank you Penny and Dawn for featuring FIRENZE CARDS!



Chris said...

I love the soft look of your blog and no changes needed for the print. I can read it just fine. How "cold" do your winters get? I remember when I was in Botswana in April (years ago) it was still warm but just got dark very early.

Firenze said...

Thanks for the visit Chris! Right now it feels like it gets REALLY COLD - we've just had a massive cloudburst, the snow clouds are moving into the high areas and we're feeling it enormously! A lot of Brits and Americans say that they find it colder here than in their countries, mostly because we don't have central heating in our homes - but I'm thinking it would be great about now.
Helen -- Firenze Cards