Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Score Board dilemma...

The great debate rages in my head - toss turn, turn toss... Okay I'm not really having sleepless nights about it but I am wondering which board is the one for me.

The pic is taken from a great blog article on Crafting with Sue - she does an incredible comparison between two score boards. (And she has some fantastic cards and projects to look at while you're there!)

My questions to my blogland friends are:

If you've used both - can you transpose the measurements of the Scor-Pal projects (of which there are many) to the measurements on the Martha Stewart Scoring Board?

Have you seen any projects or tutorials dedicated to the Martha Stewart board? (And where?)

Which is your choice?



1922 Designs by bev allaire said...

I've only used Martha's and love it. I actually talked with someone this weekend who has used both, and said she would never use her SP again after using Martha's. Hope this helps.

cgl1539 said...


Thats a link to several videos of people using it on youtube.
I use the martha stewart and I picked it for two reasons, the first price, it was significantly cheaper, secondly it has all the measurements on it. On the scor pal you had to scoot it down because it didnt have certain measures on it. Plus the martha stewart one has an envelope adapter with it and I just love that.

Miki said...

I used to love my Scor-Pal UNTIL I got the Martha Stewart one. It's so far above and beyond the Scor-Pal. The Scor-Pal is a great product, but I love the 1/8" increments of the MS one, and the storage system for the embossing tool. There's also an attached envelope making tool if you're into that-- I love it.

I did find the embossing tool to be a bit hard on the hands, so I use my own bone folder.. actually the pink one with bling that MS carries. It works perfectly.

Besides being a great tool, the MS board is much cheaper as well, especially if you use a coupon, and seems to be a bit higher quality.

Daisydaze said...

I have both, and actually use both. The Scor-Pal is a better quality, as is the scoring tool that comes in the pkg. As it does not have the numberous incremental scoring grooves like the MS board, you have to adjust your paper accordingly. There is a great spreadsheet on SCS that provides all the info and measurements; so, it's very easy to adjust your paper and score as needed.

The MS is great for those quick projects and has those very useful 1/8" incremental scoring grooves. However, due to the close proximity of the grooves, it's very difficult to do those odd-scoring projects as you can not easily determine which groove you are in if you are not doing the simple vertical scores.

Anonymous said...

I have both. It requires a lot of brain power to figure out measurements on the scor pal, as it only has some of the grooves. For making boxes and such, I much prefer MS

Anonymous said...

I also have and use both....I do reach for the Martha Stewart one more often.So I guess if had to make a choice I would vote for the Martha Stewart one,plus if you get a Michaels coupon it is much cheaper :)

Pat said...

I have the MS score board and I love it! For the price difference I highly recommend it.

Kathy R. said...

I have the MS one and I love it!!! I do have friends that own the Scor-Pal and they like mine better. I got mine at Michael's with a 40% off coupon-it was even better!!!!

Colorado said...

I have both. The Scor-Pal is better quality and I prefer the score line that the Scor Tool makes. The MS tool is VERY poor quality. And no matter what kind of bone folder I've tried with my MS board, I find it difficult to stay in the grooves.

I got my MS board for 50% off so for that price it's a great deal, but it's not worth full price. The one and only good thing I can see on the MS board is that it has lines every 1/8" which makes measuring so easy. The only thing I don't like about the Scor-Pal is the uneven measurements. But, that really doesn't seem to matter most of the time because the project directions that are written for the Scor Pal always tell where to place the paper and where to score anyway so you usually don't have to think or do math! LOL!!

A lot of people like the envelope "thing" that comes with the MS board, but there are tons of envelope directions that I've found for the Scor-Pal, so you can make any size envelope you need with the Scor-Pal.

After using both, I'd still choose the Scor-Pal. BUT, I was fortunate enough to get my Scor-Pal for close to half price... I don't think I could pay full price for it... if that was the case, I'd just spend more time getting used to my MS board!

marysanders123 said...

Like you, I was at a dilemma with with board to get also. I am leaning more so toward the MS score board after watching the youtube video though. Yes, both boards come with written instruction sheets, but MS also has the measurements for cardmakers A2 and A6 cards printed on the actual tool. There is also a diagram for making envelops and the measurements on the tool as well.

As far as price, I found it at www.marthastewart.com for $19.99. The scor-pal runs $34.99, if ordered from scor-pal.com, it will be 29.99 until the end of June only.
Description: This board measures 14" x 13" and features measurement guides along the top and side to 12-1/2" in 1/8" increments with groves every 1/8" for detailed scoring.


Dimensions: 16.55 in. h x 14.25 in. w x 0.78 in. d
Weight: 1.65 ounces
Made in TW

Product Weight: 1.65 pounds

Hope this helps.

Sandy said...

I only have the MS scoring board, and I LOVE it! Got it with a coupon at M's - so very inexpensive. I did purchase a nicer (sturdier) bone folder for it. I also love the envelope maker that is held on the underside. The other boards do not come with this. Best of luck!

grandmalee said...

I also only have the MS board mainly due to the price & those wonderful coupons at Michael's. I did buy anothe MS bone folder because the enclosed one hurts my hands. I love the envelope tool that's included so I don't have to measure every side. I do go to the Scor-Pal website for their directions & use them on my MS one. I can't do an actual comparision since I don't have the Scor-Pal, but I can't see paying the extra money for something that appears to be very similar. I make lots of boxes, etc. for baby & wedding showers & have been very pleased with the results from the MS scoring board.

shamela said...

it sounds like MS board has won hands down... now the question is... do we have it here in South Africa.....?? and at what cost...if only we had a Michaels around here...