Monday, 12 July 2010

Goodie bags for the card class girls...

I love getting prezzies, and I really (truly) love giving prezzies too - so I always make a little goodie bag for everyone else at class when it's my birthday.

Isn't the little bag just too twee? I love the Burberry pattern and this was as close as dammit so I had to get it. YG laughs at my enjoyment of the Burberry line (I have an umbrella with the pattern), but even he was "taken" with the cuteness of the bag. Just shows ya, it's how a gal displays it!

And inside the bag...

A bijoux holder/tackle box/pill separator - with some embellisments.



Susan Nel said...

hmmmm... lovely gift , keep on celebrating!!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Happy Birthday!
Great idea for the pressie. I bet the ladies loved it! :)

Chelle Xx